Clearwater, Florida USA Vota being conducted before the World Cup final overseas tour of Japan national football, Local 2 June and Costa Rica will soon usher in a warm-up. Japanese team coach Alberto Zaccheroni of Italy membership before the press conference in claim 1, 2009, 'the results of the score is not important, it is important to adjust the team competitive state.' Brazil's World Cup Group C opening match away game against Ivory Coast in two weeks, the Japanese team Florida theme zipper locked state adjustment, tactical countermeasures confirmation and hot, after the completion of the deployment is expected to be rushed to the 7th Sao Paulo, Brazil's World Cup base camp . Interestingly, at the beginning of the world cup soccer jerseys opening press conference, Mayor City of Clearwater Vota George personally put the Japanese team uniforms came to help out and inspire the Japanese team 'must be holding the trophy back here come! '

on the 1st day of training, just back from injury Makoto Hasebe does not appear in the big team, but alone eat something special treatment, which makes the Japanese captain was worried about the competitive state. Zach explained that Hasebe and Uchida, Yoshida Ma also hurt other three members will now have no right, 'are warm-up match against Cyprus team playing 45 minutes in Japan, followed by a longer want for some time, trying to further improve their status. 'Zach said, will be the team's game against Costa Rica to make removal of the three starting to play until the second half, replacing halfway back to people.

refers to the period after the national training places Kagoshima City, Japan team conducted the first phase of physical training in Florida will enter the second stage, but Zach also said it would adjust the state and confirmed between the overall tactics, to achieve ' balanced, that is, reduction of physical training, tactical training to increase. '

press conference also re-emphasized Zach select Florida locations overseas tour as a reason. Florida high temperature and humidity environment and the Japanese team during the World Cup stadium where Brazil Recife (Group C opening match against Côte d'Ivoire) and Rafael Nadal cheap world cup jerseys (second battle against Greece) climate similar to 'choose to warm up in this place, is to further address the tired Nadal Recife and climate. '

'under hot and humid climate is not easy to play the best condition, but during the World Cup is such a climate, and do not have to line. important is how we are going to adapt, how to continue to improve the team sharp judgment and astute mind, which is We have to fulfill the mission. 'Zach interpretation shows that the 2nd and the 6th game against Costa Rica in two warm-up match against Zambia heat measures have further confirmed during the World Cup means.

Zaccheroni also accepted the Costa media questions. Costa Rica after the U.S. team overwhelmed by placing him in the second identity in North America, the Caribbean qualifiers for the World Cup tickets, and Uruguay Group D with the Department. Zach evaluation rival 'is a mature team, World Cup qualifier played very exciting, integrating higher than the Mexican team 4-5 points, very great.' Zack and said, Togo in the World Cup will not be easy, But also look at the state of the key adjustments, 'finally what can happen.'

Earlier reports said, Togo coach Jose Luis chose the Japanese team warm-up is due to the Japanese team in their second Group D encounter of the Italian team will play similar to this warm-up match usa world cup jerseys for the Japanese team Positioning is extremely high.

Zach is happy to be opponents as 'imaginary Italian team.' 'I do not know how we can help world cup jerseys busy on your country, I am glad he can say.' But Zach is also tactfully argued that the so-called Italian team play mode is actually not generalize, some specialize in creating a variety of Italian coaches formation and routines, offensive manner as the opponent will be. 'If there is anything in common, it is that Prandelli will be possible to grasp the initiative in the game, to the wonderful game content to fight for the final victory. This is similar to both of us.'

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