According to Spanish media, 'Aspen Daily' news, the Spanish national team will go to the United States to prepare for work, they will personally see usa world cup jerseys them off to the United States in the former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Prime Minister, and later to the United States, U.S. President Barack Obama will White House personally met with visiting Spanish team, while stationed in Brazil after the 8th of this month, will also be meeting with Brazilian President Rousseff Matador Legion.

According to the 'Aspen' disclosure, but after arriving in Washington, DC, the Spanish national team will train four times, why would choose Spain as a training base in the United States in Washington, where the main value of a Catholic university facilities, And Washington sultry weather and Brazil are very similar. It is worth mentioning that the Spanish national team training in the interim period to the White House, they will receive U.S. President Barack Obama met in person.

Not only that, after leaving the United States to Brazil, they are also subject to Brazilian President Rousseff met. As the World Cup, the Spanish national team to be met with government officials who have a wealth of experience. In recent years, especially after the World Cup and European Cup sweep, they were the dignitaries hospitality. Especially in South America, they visited the heads of almost every country, including a meeting with Argentine President Cristina Rose Palace, a meeting with President Martinelli of Panama and Costa Rica with President Zia Qin met. In addition to a number of national political figures in the religious, the Spanish team has also been sought after, a few years ago, the Spanish team had a chance to meet with any in Castel Gandolfo Pope Benedict XVI, but due to travel time constraints, this The event had to be canceled, and when he was the Spanish ambassador to the Holy See Vasquez even Spanish team are ready for lunch.

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highest honor on behalf of the football palace replaced by the Jules Rimet Cup trophy, no team can be won two consecutive Gold Cup; World Cup history, European teams did not win the American continent experiences - -1 year's Confederations Cup, the World Cup final defeat Spain, Brazil, Matador Legion is not even the number one gaming company in the eyes of the most popular. However, the British media 'goal network' is regarded as Spain won world cup soccer jerseys the cup will be hot, here are 5 reasons they listed:

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2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil, due to the humid climate suited to Brazil, coupled with poor state, the Spanish team hosts the final defeat of Brazil, this experience is difficult to get people to come before the World Cup will be regarded as the number one most popular matador Corps. Little do they know the Confederations Cup defeat of Spain really is a good omen, 2009 Federation Cup semi-finals in South Africa, Spain, the United States has been eliminated, but the one-year has won the World Cup at Soccer City. Today, the situation in Spain, and four years ago, exactly the same errors?

Glenealy team still led the team to two championship Bosque head coach, the team leader, played the first list are 153 games played Casillas, the defense both Pique, Ramos this Meritorious 'veteran', and there is such strength coming striker Juanfran faction. In the frontcourt? Manchester City wing Navas, Negredo Pa front of the stalls are eliminated from the list of 23 players, we can see that the thickness of the Spanish squad.

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